Montes Jackson

Interview Highlights

Q: Can you talk a little bit about how you felt during the initial cancellation when everything started to close down and what process you're in?

I was actually out at work which was a non-essential business. I was work part-time. So, when Governor Cuomo ordered everyone to stay home and employees shouldn't be out, it was my last shift and I was, I was already confused as to why I was at work anyway.
Initially, during that time I was confused, I was frustrated, I was caught off guard in a shocking surprise. I had so many emotions, it was like layers coming in waves so rapidly because I mean I was already thinking that we were going to eventually have something happen but it was still unclear. When it came to my job I needed the money, obviously, so I wasn't sure about how the money was going to come in, and then I had got an email from the school saying that we had to move out of the dorms. It was a lot for me in that certain specific time.

Q: What social changes have you been seeing going on during the pandemic?

I have been seeing my fellow dancers and other artists posting a lot of videos with themselves adapting by counting to create and move. Whether it be in their living room apartment parks around the city or even on rooftops. And I've also seen other dancers filming and doing yoga classes outside.

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Ailey School Scholarship Alum.