Shannon Nulf

What I've Learned During this Project
"Reading these interviews, connecting with these artists, during a time of unimaginable loss in our community and the world at large grounds me in my love for the arts and appreciation for the arts world. Everyone is truly coming together as much as possible to support one another and has the safety and wellbeing of everyone on their mind. Everyone is coming at this from a different perspective and all are so valuable in forming a full idea of what this is like for our field."


Shannon Nulf is a third-year University of Michigan Dance BFA with minors in Movement Science and Performing Arts Management from Hancock, MI. At U of M, she has been fortunate to participate in works by multiple BFA and MFA students, as well as three university productions, one of which included restaging Urban Bush Women's piece Shelter. She co-founded and serves on the board of a dance student organization called "Arts in Color" where she and her peers create and pursue DEI initiatives within the department, and also serves as President of the Dance Student Assembly. Shannon works as an administrative assistant for the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching at U of M. She has been working on administration, scheduling, and is head of the social media for “The Power of the Performing Arts”.