Casey Tin

What I've Learned During this Project
"As someone who isn't apart of the performing arts community, seeing how they have been affected by COVID-19 along with how they are coping with the current situation has been empowering. We are all facing a difficult time and knowing that it will pass soon is what motivates us to keep going, and the passion for the arts that this community shares continues to motivate others. I'm proud to have been a part of this project and doing my part to bring awareness to the artistic community."


Casey Tin is an undergraduate senior pursuing a Bachelor's degree in User Experience Design from the University of Michigan. She was born and raised in New York with a strong background in visual design. Her professional interests span technology, ranging in areas such as design systems, data visualization, and product thinking. Casey's previous campus involvements include print and graphic design work at The Michigan Daily, Every Three Weekly, and CMYK Design, as well as participation in various other organizations such as Michigan Taekwondo and Out for Undergrad. Casey partakes in freelance design work, which is how she became affiliated with the TPOTPA project.