Zui Gomez

Interview Highlights
Q: Do you think the pandemic will make us a more socially conscious society? If so, how?
I thought to myself how there will be a shift in our culture on how we socially interact and with things we are so used to doing — what will this pandemic create for us into the future? Or will we go back to just how it was before the pandemic? What the things might look like, I don't know. I am imagining the elbow bump is a thing instead of a handshake — just that alone is a social interaction that could become normal... At the end of the day, I have faith in humanity. I think most of us will get the sign from this pandemic and understand we need to make bigger changes for each other, the planet, ourselves, and everything that surrounds us. I hope we all come together to see that change needs to be made.
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Zui Gomez, born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Miami. She received her BFA in dance at The Boston Conservatory. She currently dances for Gibney Company located in lower Manhattan, NY, where she developed her fellowship program, the CONFIDANZ series. Within the company she had the opportunity to perform works by Bobbie Jean Smith, Michaela Taylor, Shamel Pitts, Peter Chu, Adam Barruch, Bryan Arias and others. Aside from being an on stage performer, she is also a model and has appeared on DanceSpirit Magazine, Glamour (Spain) magazine, featured in a campaign for Volunteers of America, modeled for Good HyouMan, along with worked with a variety of different designers during fashion week in NYC. She has also worked with Rosie Herrera, Karole Armitage, Ballet HIspanico, along with performed in musicals for regional theaters in Florida. Other skills include choreographing, photographing and movement coach.