Paige Fraser

Interview Highlights
Q: Has dance helped you overcome any hardships in your life?
When I was 13, I was diagnosed with scoliosis. I am now a scoliosis advocate and have my own Not-For-Profit, The Paige Foundation, for dancers with or without disabilities. I still treat my scoliosis with floor barre as well.

Q: How can dance be a platform for social justice issues?
...For me, when I perform, I want everyone in the audience to come together and have an experience. I don't want it for one type of person. When I’m choreographing, or even whatever piece I’m in, it shouldn’t be catered towards one type or group. The audience shouldn’t just be all black or all white, it should bring people together. I love when I look out in the audience and see a sea of different ethnicities and identities. Just everyone there having a joyful experience and their hearts being changed, whatever their views are...
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Ms. Fraser has received a steady stream of recognition over the last few years; from winning a Princess Grace Award, to Dance Magazine’s 25 To Watch, and landing a international commercial with Intel as well as a segment on ESPN Latin America. As a Scoliosis advocate who faced the prospect of surgery at an early age that might have ended her dream of becoming a professional dancer, Paige embraces what she has overcome to raise awareness about pursuing dreams and overcoming challenges. Her story was recently featured by ELLE "The Movement Series. Paige recently performed at the FOCOS 10th Anniversary in honor of Mayor Bloomberg and his daughter who is a Scoliosis survivor. She has danced with three prestigious companies; Ailey 2, Deeply Rooted Dance Theatre, and Visceral Dance Chicago. She is currently a dancer in The Lion King North American Tour.