Michael Greenberg

Interview Highlights
Q: What has dance taught you that you have applied to your everyday life and how you engage in the world?
What hasn’t dance taught me? I think it teaches you a lot. For me I found I like to pursue a dance world where I can think and be active and creative in it. I am not someone who likes to fit into the mold and fill the lines and just be a dancer. I want to be someone who is a maker and someone who can actually think actively about problem solving and creating. It has taught me different ways of being creative and different ways of approaching the world.

Q: How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected you as a performing artist? (community, financially, initial reactions, company shift, online class, emotions, initial cancellation reaction)
The most obvious answer is it has removed me from my most recent job. I was on tour with Fiddler on the Roof since July. We went out for our six month tour and we made it until March. After two weeks in Boston and then a week in Detroit, which was cut short, they sent us all home. It was very abrupt. There were rumours of cases when we were in Arizona about a month before everything got cancelled. There was one case there when we were in Arizona but no one was really worried. Then Boston prohibited us from interacting with fans outside the stage door. We couldn't sign autographs and they were deep cleaning the props.
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New York City native. Graduate of NYU/Tisch (BFA Dance 2017) and F. H. Laguardia High School. NYC Dance Companies: NVA and Guests, Loni Landon Dance Projects, Kinesis Project Dance Theater. Founded N E 1 4 Dance. Michael is excited to be making his National Tour debut with Fiddler!