Meri Bobber

Interview Highlights

Q: How do you think we can continue to create and share art during this time?

I have never been more grateful for social media. The people who have access to it and have the space to move and teach class are doing it. It is an interesting creative challenge; it reminds me of an assignment from school. You have to create something in an 8x10ft room in NYC. But people are doing it. I see people building blogs and websites that they would never have had the time to before. I see it everyday people are posting things they write or create in their apartment and it is beautiful. It drives you. You don't need lights and costumes to create art. I think it will give opportunities for more innovative methods of creation.

Q: What social changes and responsibilities have you seen people making during the pandemic?

You are more likely to see people keep distance and have that awareness, to respect each other's space. That never happens in New York. People never do that. They don't even look up, they just barrel past and run into you. You expect people to be anxious in public. But you also see smiles. You see people smile at the grocery store or when you pass them on the street and that is really nice. People still have to interact in a way that is not anxiety producing. New York has been, every night at 7 p.m., applauding healthcare workers. People go on to their balconies and roofs and scream and cheer for five minutes and that is really cool. I see people doing it and everyone is smiling and cheering and applauding the beautiful efforts of the healthcare workers.
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Meri Bobber is a contemporary dance and musical theater artist in New York and on regional stages. She also sings, acts, teaches dance and fitness, as well as assists choreographers and artistic producers. Meri has worked for Gallim Dance, Alejandro Cerrudo, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago, ARTLAB J, and JKing Dance Company. She most recently performed in the company of "Kiss Me, Kate!" at the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina where she also served as Assistant Choreographer. Originally from Milwaukee, WI, she is a proud graduate of the University of Michigan with a BFA in Dance and a minor in Law, Justice, and Social Change.