Meagan King

Interview Highlights

Q: How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected you as a performing artist?

Myles: ...The conservatory didn't tell us what would be the decision for a while. I live in New York, so I didn't have much of a problem and my parents could come get me. But, most of my friends don't live here. The next week we did distance planning so we split the class in half, number wise, so 10 students for an hour and the next hour 10 more students. That minimized group gatherings but we just felt it was pointless because the class hours got cut in half too. We had a very sped up class with no corrections at all. Then the next week they let us all go home if we wanted to. Most decided to go home...
Meagan: ...It is my senior year at Fordham BFA Ailey and I'm in my second semester senior year. I'm missing out on my senior solo and graduation concert and the actual graduation ceremony was postponed. Besides that I needed a break senior year a lot mentally and physically. When this first started I liked the ability to step back and recharge. Even though we are distant I feel like we have never been closer. I got to dance with Debbie Allon online for the first time. I have so much more access to things I never got to before...

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Meagan King, Aliey Fordham BFA Program