Juliette Valerio

Interview Highlights
Q: What has (dance) taught you that you have applied to your everyday life and how you engage in the world?
I’ve learned from performing that you don't need words to exchange with people. If you don't come from the same culture or language, you can still communicate with others. Last winter, we were touring in Russia, and we were in a ballet theater. In the morning, we saw the ballet dancers and I remember wondering if the audience would get the idea of our show because we don't have the same ballet styles—we are much more in the floor with strong energy. I was worried the audience would not get it. After the performance there was a standing ovation, and I felt like we really exchanged something true and honest, and that was very moving and touching. Even if you do connect with words, you can also connect in another way and I find that really powerful.

Q: What does it look like in France?
We are still in lockdown. We can only grocery shop. The death of people is better. In the beginning it was crazy. I wasn’t really scared for me, because I'm young, but I was scared for my grandma and my parents because at one point, it was 700 dead per day and it was crazy. Now it’s about 300 a day. Quarantine will be over on the 11th of May, hopefully. We will have the right to move then. We can walk around, but the shops will remain closed. This will be our only new right. Also, my parents are teachers, and they say they will go back to work May 11th, but we are still unsure. The theater is closed until July 15th, but I think it will stay like that until September and we will have to cancel the rest of the season. I think dancers and artists will be the last persons to go back to work because we are not “useful in an economic way” for the government. I don't agree with that.
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From: France Training: Ballet Junior de Genève For Hofesh Shechter Company: SHOW, East Wall, Shechter Underground, Grand Finale First worked with Hofesh Shechter Company in 2018 Other work: Nightshifter (Temper Theatre), Long Past (Rosalba Torres) and Bodhi project company (2016/2017).