Josue Guerrero

Interview Highlights
Q: Has the performing art helped you overcome any hardships in your life?
Yes. I used to struggle with the stigma of being an immigrant. My family and i were undocumented and growing up I was so anxious and it was hard for me to trust people. When I got into theater, I started making more friends and it was easier to be around people. I eventually learned that there were a lot more people like me through theater and going to college. That made me feel better about what I was. If I didn't do theater and I didnt meet these people, I might still be living with that fear and stigma to this day.

Q: How do you feel about not having an in person graduation?
I was really excited. I wanted to wear a cap and gown. Not everyone has supported me getting a BA in acting. My mother has supported me. The rest of them [my family] think, “you don't want to change majors? How will you do something with that?” Just showing my family I could compete would give me more hope for my dreams. I am still graduating, but them not seeing it will not be the same. It feels like I was rushed to get started with my plan after graduation. I was going to do two shows before I graduated and I was still planning how to handle them after graduation. I feel like I need to start planning sooner now, but we can't plan because everything is closed down.
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