Jess Altchiler

Interview Highlights

Q: Can you talk a little bit about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected you as a performing artist?

So, the most obvious way is that I was there and we left on March 13th. And it was not pretty, it was extremely devastating, the way that it ended. We had been a really strong unit since we started in July. We very quickly became a family. And we, as the pandemic started as the virus started spreading and people were getting  concerned, you know we had some protocol like we weren't allowed to sign Playbills anymore. And we were advised to not go to clubs, things like that. But we really weren't expecting, of course no one was, but we were not expecting it to be over. So, the interesting part of theater or any kind of performing art is that someone said this so perfectly in my cast - actually that you're signing up for something where there is a beginning and an end. Most of the time, where you can see the end. And so you know that you can power through. Even in the hard moments, all year I was completely grateful. It wasn't perfect but nothing ever is. There were some times that I missed home or some issues that came up. But I could easily come back to the fact that I was meant to be here...
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BFA in Dance and BA in Psychology, Marymount Manhattan College. Joining this brilliant production (Fiddler on the Roof National Tour) is a lifelong dream come true. My dear family, friends, JD, teachers and students, words could never express my gratitude and love for you. @jessaltch