Jeryl Palana

Interview Highlights
Q: What has dance taught you that you have applied to your everyday life and how you engage in the world?
Dance teaches me patience, how to communicate, and awareness of myself and others. I think that because dance is my career in terms of teaching and performing, it is my main source of communication with people. I am surrounded by other artists and people interested in dance. If I am not careful, it can keep me away from those who are not artists and dancers.

Q: How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected you as a performing artist?
It sounds strange. I am fortunate I live with my mom. I am not struggling terribly right now. I don't have to pay for gas to go anywhere or on-the-go meals. I have had a lot of time to slow down and dance for myself instead of focusing on the money, my jobs, and the next project. I am teaching online now so I can still connect with my students. The slowing down has helped me face internal things I had not acknowledged before. I have also been able to explore dance more...
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Jeryl Palana Pilapil graduated from Dean College earning her B.A. degree as a dance major. She co-directed and performed with The Expressive Movement, seasons 6 and 7. Jeryl has also performed with Boston-based companies such as Linx, an all female dance company under Rainbow Tribe Inc, We The Females, Spunk and Company, Anna Meyer and Dancers and Impact Dance Company. She has also performed repertory work with Gaspard&Dancers, based in North Carolina, as well as video work for Erika Van Pelt and has been featured on a segment of PBS Kids’ show “Pinkalicious & Peterrific”. She currently teaches at The Cambridge School of Weston, Deborah Mason Performing Arts Center, as well as many other dance schools throughout New England, where she constantly choreographs original pieces. Jeryl remains focused and driven to share her love and passion for art, movement and humanity through her training, choreographic process and works.