Eric Parra

Interview Highlights
Q: Do you believe dance can be a platform for social justice topics? If so, how? and/or Have you used your art form to make a difference?
Yes. I am a firm believer that art reflects life and contemporary art reflects the time we are going through. Throughout history and now there are always different social justice issues going on, and really being able to communicate that through movement is something that I think that is really special. Being able to drive audiences to see dance works that mean more than just people moving on stage — that are really about a bigger message — is really special. 

Q: How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected you as a performing artist?
I think it's affected me tremendously, especially being that we were supposed to be working right now. We were supposed to perform at the Joyce Theater from March 31st through April 5th, and obviously that was cancelled and that was heartbreaking. That is what we had been rehearsing and looking forward to those special performances. Additionally, I was looking forward to traveling to Paraguay in April to teach Limón master classes, and also to Mexico where we were supposed to perform at a dance festival. There was also a high school dance festival that happened at my old high school in New Jersey and I was going to teach and perform there — that was cancelled as well.
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Eric Parra began his dance training at Montclair State University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance. Eric has danced for Carolyn Dorfman Dance, Earl Mosley’s Diversity of Dance, Maxine Steinman & Dancers, Von Howard Project, Pajarillo Pinta'o, and Doug Elkins Choreography, etc. He has staged works at Union City High School, Montclair High School and Montclair State University. Eric has served as a teaching artist for New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Earl Mosley's Institute of the Arts, the José Limón Dance Foundation, and Sharron Miller's Academy for the Performing Arts. Mr. Parra is the recipient of the 2016 Martha Hill Dance Fund Young Professional Award, 2017 Linda Roberts Outstanding Senior Dance Award, and has been featured in The New York Times' "This Labor Day, We Salute the (Arts) Workers." (2019). Eric is currently in his second season with the Limón Dance Company.