Devin Oshiro

Interview Highlights

Q: What social changes and responsibilities have you seen people making during the pandemic?

Devin: In some regards, we are seeing more intentionality. For example, in order to connect with others, we need to be more intentional about taking time, creating connections and maintaining relationships with one another. It is amazing we have technology to do so, but at the same time, we’re all forced to be okay with this version of connecting. Everyone is processing change and loss, and as a result it is creating the space to pause, reevaluate our priorities, and reset the systems at play and what our roles as citizens are. This can translate into how we align ourselves to organizations/institutions or communities that we are currently a part of. We are analyzing who has power and who is powerless, which ultimately reveals hidden agendas.
Jake: I would echo intentionality. In the busyness of our schedules and working many jobs, we sometimes lose the intentionality to reach out to people we love and care for deeply. My dad passed away in November and this life event changed my way of thinking. You never know the last time you will get to speak to someone and that has been weighing heavily on my heart recently. I have been trying to be more mindful and intentional about carving out time to speak to family and friends and also see them if I can. It's hard because we are limited to virtual connection right now, but I know this is temporary and when we do get to be face to face with people again, that physical touch, their presence and those deep conversations are what I long for.
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Devin was born and raised in the Los Angeles, CA region. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance from California State University of Fullerton. While attending school, she performed the works of Mike Esperanza and Jiří Kylián and also had the privilege of performing at the Kennedy Center for American College Dance Association Nationals. Devin was a member of Entity Ultra Contemporary Company and Mosaic’s Urban Poets, which has given her the opportunity to choreograph and perform around the world in Scotland, Germany, Japan and Singapore. Since moving to NYC, Devin has been a company member of Summation Dance, Bare Dance Company and Delirious Dances, and Gibney Dance Company. She has performed with Organic Magnetics, CorbinDances, Oui Danse and many others. Devin is also the media director for a faith-based dance organization called Awakening Movement. In addition to her artistic and community action work with the Company, Devin is directing the Dancer’s Economic Empowerment Program (DEEP), which identifies the vulnerabilities dancers face in their career timeline and equips them to make sound financial and career management.