Constance Stamatiou

Interview Highlights
Q: Do you think the pandemic will make us a more socially conscious society? If so, how?
I do, in the sense that we will check on each other a lot more, especially our elderly people. I see posts on social media about making sure parents and grandparents have food and supplies and are staying inside, especially since people are clearing the shelves––at least here, the shelves have been empty. I have been seeing posts about acknowledging those who are less fortunate and may be one welfare, and being aware of the fact they can only buy certain things with WIC on it—thinking about those who do not have options to buy anything else. This is all opening people's eyes (at least I hope it is) also, to the fact that Mother Earth is cleaning house. She is telling us we have to do better as far as recycling and caring for the world. Water is blue, swans are coming out. I believe Mother Nature is healing herself, and maybe we are the virus. I think this is also opening eyes for those who do not believe in climate change as well. It is telling us that we have to make some changes as a community.
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Constance Stamatiou (Charlotte, NC) began her dance training at Pat Hall’s Dance Unlimited and North Carolina Dance& Theatre. She graduated from NorthWest School of the Arts and studied at SUNY Purchase before becoming a fellowship student at The Ailey School. In 2009, Ms. Stamatiou received the Leonore Annenberg Fellowship in the performing and visual arts. She performed at the White House Dance Series and has been a guest performer on So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars, Logo’s Trailblazer Honors, and The Today Show. Ms. Stamatiou has also danced n the films Shake Rattle & Roll and in Dan Pritzker's Bolden. Ms. Stamatiou was a member of Ailey ll a guest artist for Darrell Grand Moultrie and Caroline Calouche & Co. She is a certified Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis instructor and a mother of two. Follow her on Instagram at constancestamatiou. Ms. Stamatiou first joined the Company in 2007 and rejoined in 2016.