Alexis Saenz

Interview Highlights
Q: What has been your professional dance journey?
...I have done a lot of creating my own work as well, I toured The Process of Remembering that I created as an eight part visual series. The Process of Remembering is about healing and self love as an indigenous mixed race woman. It is a journey of finding myself and remembering who I am and this was one part of the many processes of remembering that I will be going through throughout my life. I turned it into a full length dance show and took it on tour and did an immersive art installation workshop and did some live dance performance. I did that for 5 cities across the US and I have been constantly creating dance for camera visuals and auditioning as well.
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Alexis Saenz hails from the beautiful city of Denver, Colorado. She has trained as a dancer at Denver School of the Arts, Artistic Fusion Dance Academy and California Institute of the Arts. Alexis started Pilates training when she was 15 years old with Luba Takamoto at Artistic Fusion and later in college while studying under Cynthia Young. Alexis graduated from CalArts with her BFA in Dance and choreography and was certified by Master Instructor Risa Sheppard through the Sheppard Method Pilates Teacher Training Program. Alexis seeks to help her clients gain better physical awareness to prevent injury and maintain a healthy, long lasting conditioning practice.